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Professional Training

Build It Green offers training for building professionals involved in the design and construction of residential buildings, as well as professionals that  support and develop the market for green building. Opportunities include:

  • Various workshops



GreenPoint Rated

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The GreenPoint Rated program provides an objective, third-party verification system that equips 

consumers to find green homes, understand green benefits, and recognize green features. Trained and certified raters evaluate whether new and existing homes meet program standards. Conservation of natural resources, increased energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality are just a few of the benchmarks a new home must reach to qualify.


Local Government Assistance

Build It Green provides strategic assistance to local governments for developing, promoting, and implementing their green building programs. Build It Green has developed a Directory of GreenPoint Rated Ordinances in California, a searchable tool to track green building legislation by region.


Councils & Guilds

Build It Green serves as an umbrella and facilitator for associate councils including:

These councils represent key stakeholders needed to transform the building industry in California. 

Green Product Directory

The Green Product Directory provides an extensive listing of green products and technologies available in the 9-County San Francisco Bay Area and City of Anaheim. This Directory provides a reliable tool for building professionals and the general public to conveniently locate suppliers and service providers of green building products, ranging from foundation and framing materials to finishing touches.