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Green Building Professional Guild (GBPG) - 2012 Topic Survey

We want to hear your ideas so we can keep the Guilds on the forefront of green building continuing education in 2012!

Please help us by filling out the survey below and by attending the in-person Planning Parties offered in October as we will be voting on the presentation topics and forming the presentation teams at those meetings.

NOTE: Feel free to fill out only the sections of this survey that you are most interested in.

General Info

1. What Guild do you primarily attend?*
2. What is your profession? *

The Green Building Professional Guild Meetings seek to offer a variety of green building topics. Please rank your interest for the following topics/categories below:

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3. Energy Efficiency
4. Net Zero Energy Homes (Passive House, 2020 CPUC Strategic Plan etc.)
5. Energy Modeling
6. Carbon Footprint of a Green Home
7. Reducing Electrical Baseload - Smart Meters etc.
8. Lighting: Latest in LED technology
9. Energy Efficient Plumbing
10. Other - Please Specify:

Building Science Practices

11. Home Performance Testing
12. Building Envelope (Air Sealing & Insulation)
13. Mechanical Ventilation – Best Practices
14. Better Windows
15. Other – Please Specify:

Renewable Energy

16. Photovoltaic (PV) Systems – Installation and Rules of Thumb
17. Solar Hot Water (Solar Thermal)
18. Geothermal Air Source Heat Pumps
19. Other – Please Specify:

Innovative HVAC Systems

20. HVAC Best Practices
21. Hydronic Heating (Forced Air, Radiant)
22. Mini-Splits (Energy Pumps)
23. Passive Heating & Cooling Strategies
24. Other – Please Specify:


25. Water Conservation Methods – From Design to Construction
26. Greywater Systems for Professionals – Advanced Topics
27. Rainwater Harvesting
28. Building Envelope & Moisture Issues
29. Other – Please Specify:


30. Bay Friendly Landscaping/ Low Water Landscapes
31. Living/Green Roof and Wall Design
32. Other – Please Specify:

Site/ Resource Conservation

33. Managing Construction Waste More Sustainably
34. New Developments in Pervious Concrete
35. Best Practices for Site Planning and Development
36. Alternative Building Methods/Systems (SIPS, OVE)
37. Sourcing and Distribution of Certified Wood & Plywood Materials (FSC etc.)
38. Other – Please Specify:

Finish Materials

39. Paint & Clear Finishes
40. Green Countertops
41. Green Flooring
42. Cabinets
43. Appliances
44. Other – Please Specify:

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

45. Update on Toxins (in the Various Forms of Insulation; Formaldehyde, Fire Retardants, Off-Gassing etc.)
46. Testing measures for IAQ/IEQ
47. Other – Please Specify:

Architecture & Design

48. Integrated Design – Getting Everyone Together at the Beginning of a Project
49. Green Interior Design
50. Hypothetical Problem Solving 'Roundtable' - Share/Discuss Experiences (rather than have a presenter/presentation)
51. Other – Please Specify:


52. Rebates & Financing Mechanisms for Homeowners – Energy Upgrade CA, California Solar Initiative – 2030 Goals)
53. More Sophisticated Payback Metrics Beyond Simple Payback Period & ROI - To Help Professionals Capture Energy Savings Over Time and Lower Initial Cost to Customer.
54. Cost Estimating & Life Cycle Analysis
55. Other – Please Specify:

Codes/Legislative Initiatives

56. What's Next for Title-24? Getting Ready for the Next Round of Updates
57. Update on National Legislative Policy that will Affect the Green Building Industry
58. Other – Please Specify:

Marketing/Business Development

59. Overview of all the Various Green Building Credentials: BPI, HERS I & II, GPR, LEED, CGBP etc.
60. GreenPoint Rated Report Out: Climate Calculator, Real Estate Updates (MLS Progress; Results of Comps for Rated/Non-Rated Homes; Latest Appraisal Research of Green Homes)
61. How to Sell & Market Green Remodeling to Your Customers
62. Marketing Tips & Strategies to Help Market Your Company
63. Other – Please Specify:

Peer Sharing

64. Pecha Kucha-Style Night
65. True Stories from the Field/Case Studies Highlighting Green Building Projects
66. Other – Please Specify:

Guild Presentations are coordinated by 'Presentation Teams', which are made up of 2-3 people. Presentation Teams determine the direction/content of the presentation as well as secure speakers for the presentation.

If you cannot attend the Planning Party, but would like to be a part of a Presentation Team, please specify which topics you'd like to help coordinate and complete the contact info below. If any of your topics are chosen at the Planning Party, you will be contacted.
You can indicate the topic or the question numbers - whatever is easiest.
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