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Sep 26, 2013 4:00 PM  PST  

Rater E-News: New Tracking System Features 

September/October | 2013

New Tracking System Features

We are excited to announce the launch of the Online Submittal for Existing Home Single Family.

Raters are now able to submit and pay for EHSF projects via the online tracking system at

Reference and support materials are available on the GPR Tracking System's Resource Room.

GPR Manuals & Checklists V.6.0

We are currently adding the final touches to our Manuals and Checklists for GreenPoint Rated. The combined New Home Single Family and Multifamily Manual, NHSF checklist, and NHMF checklist will be available to view on BIG's website the first week of October. Notifications will be sent out when the combined Existing Home Single Family and Multifamily Manual, EHSF checklist, and EHMF checklist are available.

Certified GPR Project Profile

Sacramento's Norwood Mutual Housing project
earns GPR certification. | More Info

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GreenPoint Rated Project Totals

  July August Total to Date
Number of Certified New Home Single Family Units 261 230 9,769
Number of Certified New Home
Multifamily Units
108 300 9,971
Number of Certified Existing Home Single Family Units 4 2 644
Number of Certified Existing Home Multifamily Units 0 26 724
Total Certified
373 558 21,108

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