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Application | California Multifamily Existing Building Training

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)’s Energy Upgrade California Multifamily Pilot Program is a whole-building, performance-based rebate program to encourage energy-efficient multifamily building retrofits. The program aims to train qualified HERS II Raters and other qualified professionals to support the upgrade of 500 multifamily units, and will position participants to perform work under the 2014 full program roll-out.

To qualify to perform whole building energy audits, recommendations and third-party verifications under this program, raters must have completed the California Multifamily Existing Building Training described below.


  • Classroom training  |  February 5 – 8  |  8:30 am – 5 pm
  • Classroom training and field tutorial  |  February 11  |  8:30 am – 5 pm
  • Exams  |  Tuesday, February 12  |  8:30 am –  3 pm
CSU East Bay Oakland Center, 1000 Broadway, Suite 109, Oakland, CA 94607
Field tutorial location TBA (Alameda County)
The class will equip the rater with the broad range of skills necessary to serve various Energy Upgrade California multifamily retrofit programs*. The 5.5-day training agenda includes:
  • Multifamily central systems for BPI Multifamily Building Analyst
  • Supplemental HERS II content specific to multifamily content
  • Energy Audit protocols
  • BPI Multifamily and GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Multifamily program and verification protocols
  • Tools to complete a rating
  • Half-day field tutorial
Applicants must at minimum EITHER
  • Be a RESNET Rater or certified California Whole-House Home Energy (HERS II) Rater, and plan to pursue BPI Multifamily Building Analyst as part of this training, OR
  • Apply and receive approval to pursue both BPI Multifamily Building Analyst and GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Multifamily certification as part of this training.
Space is limited. A maximum of two (2) qualified individuals per company may attend.  Preference will be given to those with the most relevant experience. For those pursuing GreenPoint Rated certification under the second pre-qualification option (above), a separate application to pursue GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Multifamily certification is necessary, and can be accessed upon completion of the form below.
To sign up for this training:
  • Complete this application.
  • Register and pay for the BPI Multifamily Building Analyst exam ($500). A link to proceed with payment will be provided upon approval of this application.
  • Attendees must agree to provide feedback and participate in a limited number of focus groups
Additional Multifamily Pilot Program requirements:
Participants must EITHER
  • Be a participating Energy Upgrade California Whole House Rebate Program Rater or Contractor in good standing and complete the one-page Multifamily Pilot Addendum (to be provided upon application approval); OR
  • Enroll in the PG&E Multifamily Pilot by completing the enrollment process, which includes providing proof of license and certification. A link to program enrollment will be provided upon approval of this application.
Please plan to bring:
  • A laptop computer that can connect to wireless internet (for the BPI exam)
  • A tape measure, pencil, pen, clipboard, and notepad
For more information, or to register, visit or contact Matthew Souther at Build It Green at 510-590-3360 x603 or
*Upon completing this training and passing the BPI Multifamily Building Analyst exam, attendees will be placed on a list of multifamily raters qualified to serve the Energy Upgrade California PG&E Multifamily Pilot Program. However, this training does not result in a certification from CalCERTS, Inc. or the State of California. Attendees may sit for the GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Multifamily Rater exam upon completion of this course, but must pre-submit a separate application to verify eligibility for that certification.

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