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GreenPoint Rated Core

This 2.5-day course is a requirement for taking the New Home and Existing Home courses and starting your path as a GreenPoint Rater or Advisor.  

The course is intended to give you an understanding of the policies and procedures that inform GreenPoint Rated and the opportunites for third-party verification in the current marketplace.

You'll get an overview of the different GreenPoint Rated systems, basic procedures, program requirements, verifications of select measures, and the responsibilities of Advisors versus Raters. You also learn about the GreenPoint Rated Climate Calculator.

Topics covered in this course:

  • The role of the Rater/Advisor in the design, contruction and maintenance of green homes
  • Verification protocols for core GreenPoint Rated measures, including:
    • Site and foundation
    • Outdoor water and resource conservation
    • High efficiency equipment and effective systems
    • Water conserving fixtures, features and equipment
    • Framing and building envelope practices
    • The best finishes for resource conservation and improved indoor air quality
    • Community measures on access and services
  • Green building plan check review
  • How to leverage the resources offered by Build It Green and GreenPoint Rated

Pre-requisites and Eligibility Requirements

Anyone may attend this course for educational purposes. However, to take the exams and pursue GreenPoint Rated certification (in combination with future courses), the following minimum requirements apply, and must be documented via application and approved.

Course Fee*:
  $400 Members | $450 non-members

*Scholarships or subsidies may be available in your area.  Please see the course registration page for official pricing details.


This course is BPI Recognized for 10 CEU credits.