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GreenPoint Rated adds value to the services you provide your customers. Add green building expertise to all your business offerings and give homeowners the assurance that their homes are healthier, and more energy and resource efficient.

The GreenPoint Rated label is the mark of quality for green home construction. It is a recognizable, independent seal of approval that verifies a home has been built or remodeled according to proven green standards. And studies are showing that green labels like GreenPoint Rated can improve property values at time of sale.

To make sure that every GreenPoint Rated home is healthy and efficient from the inside out, points for green home improvements are awarded across five different categories:

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: lighting · insulation · heating and cooling · more

RESOURCE CONSERVATION: recycled materials · durable buildings · more

INDOOR AIR QUALITY: healthier materials · optimal ventilation · more

WATER CONSERVATION: high efficiency toilets · drought resistant landscapes · more

COMMUNITY: walkable neighborhoods · bicycle parking · more









View GreenPoint Rated Homes

Thousands of GreenPoint Rated homes have been built throughout California. Use the interactive GreenPoint Rated Homes Map to see homes that have been rated throughout the state or
browse our PDF list.

Build GreenPoint Rated Homes

Whether you are building a home or supplying building products, GreenPoint Rated helps you stand out from the crowd. And GreenPoint Rated isn’t just environmentally friendly, it’s builder friendly.  Certified GreenPoint Raters and Advisors are prepared to work with you to maximize your projects’ performance and green features.Learn more

Rate Green Homes

If you are a HERS rater, home inspector, builder, architect, or other qualified building professional, you can add ratings to your service offerings. We promote our Raters on the online GreenPoint Rater Directory.

Learn more about becoming a GreenPoint Rater.

Sell GreenPoint Rated Homes

Real estate agents, property managers, financing specialists, and appraisers can use GreenPoint Rated to help clients identify green homes. Provide added value to all your client transactions by guiding them toward healthier, economically sound decisions.

Learn more about training to help you sell green homes.

Get Started Marketing GreenPoint Rated

Download these materials and start discussing GreenPoint Rated with your customers today!

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