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GreenPoint Rated New Home

The GreenPoint Rated New Home Single Family (NHSF) and New Home Multifamily (NHMF) certification systems are standards for a residential green building rating system and were originally modeled after Build It Green's New Construction Green Building Guidelines. A major objective of the NHSF and NHMF systems is to educate homeowners about the benefits of green construction.

The NHSF and NHMF systems recognize performance in five categories: Community, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Health, Resource Conservation, and Water Conservation. Points are earned by complying with the specific standards for any of the given measures in the system. Projects are scored on overall performance and performance in each category. The points translate to a one of the following certifications, in order from good to best:

  • Certified: 50 to 79 points
  • Silver: 80 to 109 points
  • Gold: 110 to 139 points
  • Platinum: 140 points or more


Every NHSF and NHMF project must meet a set of minimum requirements to achieve a GreenPoint Rated label.


Minimum Requirements: 50 total points

Community 2 Resource Conservation: 6
Energy 25 Water Conservation: 6
Indoor Air Quality: 6 Additional Points 5
Some common NHSF measures include: High-efficacy lighting, Energy Star® appliances, FSC-Certified lumber, insulation with 75% recycled content, water efficient fixtures, solar electric panels, solar water heaters, and low or zero emitting interior paints, varnishes, cabinetry and carpeting. NHMF measures include recycling construction waste, survey and correction for building envelope, foundation, and plumbing, combustion safety and carbon monoxide test, energy efficiency, and low-emissions products.