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Lifecycle Analysis & Costing

The BEES software brings to your fingertips a powerful technique for selecting cost-effective, environmentally-preferable building products. Developed by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Building and Fire Research Laboratory the tool is based on consensus standards and designed to be practical, flexible, and transparent. Version 4.0 of the Windows-based decision support software, aimed at designers, builders, and product manufacturers, includes actual environmental and economic performance data for 230 building products.
Green Building Link Icon  Energy Design Resources
Energy Design Resources offers eVALUator to calculate the lifecycle benefits of investments that improve building design. It analyzes the financial benefits from buildings that reduce energy cost, raise employee productivity, and enhance tenant satisfaction
Green Building Link Icon  The Old House Web (Life Expectancy)
Offers life expectancy estimates provided largely by the industries or manufacturers that make and sell the components listed.