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Eligibility for GreenPoint Rated: Advisor or Rater (New Home)

GreenPoint Rated: Advisor and Rater training for New Home is open to all California building professionals interested in adding green ratings and advising to their portfolio of services. To earn GreenPoint Rated certification as an Advisor or Rater you need to complete the GreenPoint Rated: Advisor or Rater application,  pass the comprehensive examinations, including the field test, and meet the all of the following requirements:

  1. Hold ONE of the following current licenses, degrees, or certifications in good standing:
  2. Have completed one of the following training programs and achieved their associated certification or accreditation:

Certification for both the Advisor and Rater for New Homes designations are valid for two years, at which time Recertification is required to keep certification current.

Petition for Participation

For students who do not have one of the prerequisite credentials listed above, we offer a petition option.  A petition is a written explanation and documentation of how the student has the equivilent of 4 years mastery level experience in new home construction or existing home retrofit and remodel.  In order to consider your petition, ALL items from the following list must be included:
  • Completed application for the course - New Home or Existing Home
  • Current resume or CV
  • Cover letter describing your relevant experience, as supported in the resume or CV
  • Letter from a credentialed colleague or former manager attesting to your employment or achievements
  • Copies of all relevant documentation, ie, certifications or credentials, etc.
If you feel you can document this experience, please submit it in one e-mail to for consideration by the GreenPoint Rated Oversight Committee.