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Studies on the Value of Green Building

Green Building PDF Icon UC Berkley CA Study: Value of Green Home Labels (pdf)   Green Building PDF Icon Executive Summary (pdf)
The first study to provide statistical evidence that, holding other factors constant, a green label on a single-family home in California provides a market premium compared to a comparable home without a label.
This paper reports the first evidence on the market adoption and economic implications of energy performance certificates implemented by the European Union.
Green Building PDF Icon The Value of Solar Homes (pdf)
An analysis of the effects of residential photovaltaic energy systems on home sales prices in California.
Green Building PDF Icon Clean Energy Program Policy Brief (pdf)
This policy brief discusses the findings and methodologies from recent studies on the topic of labels, certifications and rating systems for energy efficiency performance, and suggests recommendations for future research.
Green Building PDF Icon Efficient Investments in Singapore (pdf)
An analysis of 37,000 transactions in the Singapore housing market to estimate the economic impact of the Green Mark program on Singapore's residential sector.
Green Building PDF Icon Certified Homes Performance (pdf)
An assessment of the market impacts of third party certification on residential properties
Green Building PDF Icon Certified Homes Command Premium (pdf)
A study on new homes in the Portland metropolitan area finds new certified homes command an 18% price premium in 2009-2010.
Green Building PDF Icon Built Green Analysis Report (pdf)
A study performed by Build Green to aid in the understanding of environmental certifications' effects on the values and consumer preferences for residential housing units
Green Building PDF Icon 2009-2010 Atlanta Green Home Sales (pdf)
This study of home sales in Atlanta shows a better sales price/list price ratio and a quicker sale period for green certified homes when compared with conventional homes.