Certified Green Building Professional Courses

Become an Expert on Green Building Best Practices

Homeowners and homebuyers are increasingly looking for contractors, architects, engineers, specialty contractors, and real estate professionals who are qualified to provide green building services. Now is your chance to establish yourself in this profitable niche and distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

Once certified as a green building professional, you'll be promoted online in Build It Green's Certified Green Professionals Directory. This directory receives over 2,500 searches per month by people looking for professionals like you. You'll also qualify to sign-up for our GreenPoint Rated trainings, so you can continue to develop your skills and expand your business.

What Course Should I Take?

Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP) is a 2-day course that introduces you to the overarching principles of green building and the systems approach to the design, construction and operation of residential buildings. You'll develop an understanding of energy efficiency, resource conservation, water conservation, and indoor air quality, and how you can effectively convey the importance of these building principles to homeowners.

Understanding the Whole House Approach takes your CGBP education to the next level. In this advanced course, you will learn how to perform a comprehensive green home analysis and the decision-making pathways to upgrading and remodeling homes. You will get the information you need to help homeowners determine whether their home is a good candidate for an energy or green upgrade, and to help them take advantage of upgrade incentives provided by local utilities. This course also earns you 16 continuing education units (CEUs) towards your CGBP recertification.