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Differentiate yourself in the marketplace and add value for your clients by becoming an expert on GreenPoint Rated. Whether your goal is to serve as a third party verifier or simply to design and build better homes, we've got the training to take your business to the next level. 

Once certified, you'll be added to Build It Green's online Certified Professionals Directory which is used by thousands of homeowners and builders each month.

The GreenPoint Rated Training Track


GreenPoint Rated Core is a prerequisite for all other GreenPoint Rated courses. This 2.5-day course introduces you to all GreenPoint Rated systems and includes basic policies and procedures, program requirements, verification of select measures, the differing roles of advisors and raters, and submittal processes.

GreenPoint Rated New Home is the required course for certification as a GreenPoint Rater or Advisor for both single and multifamily new homes. This 1-day course covers policies, program requirements, verification, energy evaluation, the role of the rater, and submittal processes unique to new homes for both Single Family and Multifamily rating systems.

GreenPoint Rated Existing Home: Single Family is the required course for certification as a GreenPoint Rater or Advisor for existing single family homes. This 2-day course covers policies, program requirements, verification, energy evaluation and audit, role of the rater and submittal processes unique to a single family existing home. Note: As an Existing Home Rater, GreenPoint Rated has developed a policy that allows you to work with a QA Rater to rate your own projects and serve as a one-stop shop to your clients. 

CA Multifamily Existing Building is the required course for certification as a GreenPoint Rater or Advisor for existing multifamily homes. This 5.5-day course covers multifamily building systems, Home Energy Rating System Program Phase II content specific to Multifamily (MF HERS II), and other green measures and energy audits that will qualify you to perform work for most multifamily upgrade programs including GreenPoint Rated.

You can be a Rater or an Advisor

GreenPoint Rater: Rate Homes

A GreenPoint Rater performs all steps of the rating process, including helping the project team decide which points to achieve, verifying each green measure, and submitting the application and supporting documentation to Build It Green. Only Raters can submit verified projects for a Certificate of Evaluation. HERS, BPI or other home performance qualifications are required to become a Rater for Existing Homes. Learn about eligibility requirements. Learn about eligibility requirements.

Green Point Advisor: Understand the System and Provide Consulting

A GreenPoint Advisor, while not certified to rate a home, is qualified to help homeowners, builders, and design teams achieve a GreenPoint Rating. An advisor has detailed knowledge of GreenPoint measures and verification methods. This certification is ideal for architects, builders, city building officials, designers, or green consultants who wish to build their business and advise their clients on how to participate in the GreenPoint Rated program. Learn about eligibility requirements.

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Benefits and Support for Raters and Advisors

  • Bi-monthly Rater Council webinar meetings
  • Rater E-News to keep you informed of program updates, changes and other news
  • Personalized support from GreenPoint Rated staff
  • Access to private webpages with news items, digital tools and resources, logos, archived webinars


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