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New Homes

Builders, Developers, Architects: Get consumer brochures, fact sheets, and posters explaining the benefits of the GreenPoint Rated New Homes label.

Raters: Get builder brochures and fact sheets explaining the
benefits to builders for getting their project certified.

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Existing Homes

Contractors, Architects, Real Estate Professionals:
Get consumer brochures and fact sheets explaining:

  • The benefits of GreenPoint Rated homes
  • How to evaluate if your home is GreenPoint Ready
  • Simple do-It-yourself green home improvement tips


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Showcase Rated Homes

Builders, Developers, Real Estate Professionals, Contractors:
These signs showcase a GreenPoint Rated homes' GreenPoint Rated features to attract more buyers, or show homeowners' pride in green home ownership. Signs include:

  • Multifamily building plaques
  • Glass paperweights and interior home plaques
  • For Sale: open house signs, yard signs, and "For Sale" sign riders


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