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Green Policies - Central Coast

Green Building PDF Icon Local Government Green Building Ordinances in California

In recent years, numerous local governments in California have implemented "green" building ordinances. These measures can increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease other harmful environmental impacts. This document identifies the various approaches to green building ordinances that jurisdictions have taken and the most common features of the measures.

Green Building Link Icon  City of Santa Barbara

The City offers a voluntary self-certification program for residential and commercial projects based on the Santa Barbara Contractors Association Built Green guidelines.  Expedited permit processing is available for projects that meet the 2-star level or higher.

Green Building Link Icon  City of Santa Cruz

The GreenPoint Rated checklist must be completed for new residential buildings, and all projects must earn at least 10 points to receive a building permit. Residential projects that earn 35 or more points qualify for incentives including expedited permit processing. Commercial projects must follow the LEED system and earn a minimum of 7 points. Expedited permitting is available to commercial projects with over 33 LEED points.

Green Building Link Icon  San Luis Obispo County

The Green Building Program encourages cities in SLO County to adopt the Green Building Guidelines and the GreenPoint Rated checklist for voluntary use on residential projects. Green building education is offered through lectures and workshops in participating municipalities.

Green Building Link Icon  Santa Barbara County

The voluntary Innovative Building Review Program gives builders increasing incentives depending on the amount by which they exceed Title 24 energy efficiency requirements.  Participating cities offer incentives such as expedited project review and reduced plan check fees.