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Operations & Maintenance

Green Building PDF Icon Durability and Maintenance (Build It Green fact sheet, .pdf)

This fact sheet provides building owners, designers, and builders of affordable, multifamily housing with criteria for evaluating the durability of building materials and systems. It examines the categories of criteria for evaluating durability and its relationship with maintenance issues. It then sets out criteria for evaluating the durability of material systems for a given project. Durability is dependent on building type, design, use, installation, and maintenance.

Green Building PDF Icon Green Living and Housekeeping (Build It Green fact sheet, .pdf)

Proactive, consistent and healthy maintenance practices can make the difference between a healthy environment and a building with significant indoor air quality (IAQ) and environmental problems. Strategic maintenance can also reduce operating costs and increase the longevity of buildings and equipment. This fact sheet discusses strategies and techniques that anybody can implement toward healthy, green living.