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Recycling & Waste Diversion

C&D waste diversion implements the three R's of reduce, reuse, recycle through all phases of a project. By implementing a successful C&D waster diversion plan, we can divert valuable materials from the landfill and elevate the need for virgin products.

This fact sheet discusses: environmental considerations such as energy, water, resource, and health impacts; practical considerations such as cost, specification, and maintenance info; and applicability to various Green Building Guidelines and Rating Systems.
Green Building PDF Link  Salvaged Materials (Build It Green fact sheet, .pdf)

Salvaged materials instill a sense of depth, character, and uniqueness to a project and can bring many environmental and economic benefits. The San Francisco Bay Area has an abundance of businesses that collect, sort, and, in some cases, refurbish a great variety of salvaged building materials and products, and they are an important component of regional waste diversion efforts.