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Green Policies - Central Valley/Mountains

Green Building PDF Icon Local Government Green Building Ordinances in California

In recent years, numerous local governments in California have implemented "green" building ordinances. These measures can increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease other harmful environmental impacts. This document identifies the various approaches to green building ordinances that jurisdictions have taken and the most common features of the measures.

Green Building Link Icon  City of Davis

The City of Davis requires that every new single family dwelling, residential addition and remodel applicant submit a GreenPoint Rated checklist with the permit application. The Community Planning Department disseminates many original green building fact sheets and tools through their website.

Green Building Link Icon  City of Rocklin, a PG&E Climate Smart City

The City of Rocklin has enacted a voluntary Green Building Initiative in which builders, developers and homeowners are encouraged to build according to the GreenPoint Rated guidelines. The Community Development Dept., Building Division hosts a wealth of resources for building green.

Green Building Link Icon  City of Sacramento

The City of Sacramento is creating green building standards for residential and commercial developments and remodels. Additionally, all civic projects over 5,000 sq. ft. must meet a LEED Silver rating.

Green Building Link Icon  City of Stockton

The City of Stockton offers a wealth of information on energy-saving strategies for residential, commercial, industry and school sectors with links to PG&E programs and other resources.

Green Building Link Icon  Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

SMUD offers rebates for residential customers to install efficient HVAC systems, plant shade trees, put in cool roofs and implement other energy-saving strategies.SMUD's Advantage Homes and SolarSmart programs provide developers with resources to incorporate greener technologies in new homes.

Green Building Link Icon  Truckee Donner Public Utility District (TDPUD)

TDPUD has set up an energy conservation cash rebate program in which residential customers can receive discounts for conducting building leakage tests and installing energy-saving appliances and water-conserving fixtures. TDPUD staff offer technical assistance to home and business owners to implement energy-efficient technologies.