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Product Evaluation Process

Listed products must meet criteria for energy efficiency, resource conservation, water conservation, or indoor environmental quality. These criteria are consistent with measures referenced in these guidelines:

  • GreenPoint Rated rating systems for
    • Single Family New Home
    • Multifamily New Home
    • Single family Existing Home
  • Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines
  • New Home Construction Green Building Guidelines
  • Bay-Friendly Landscape Guidelines
  • Multifamily Green Building Guidelines
  • LEED Green Building Rating System

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) oversees the Green Product Directory program and ensures the quality and integrity of listed content by critically evaluating products for potential inclusion in the Directory. Where possible, standards from credible third party organizations are used to screen products. In cases where third party standards do not exist, the TRC discusses potential screening criteria and establishes criteria based on the best information available. Additional technical experts are consulted when needed. Build It Green does not charge for listing nor accept advertising in the Green Product Directory.

The TRC is comprised of Build It Green technical program staff and other green building professionals who are selected by the Build It Green Board of Directors. Manufacturer representatives are not eligible to join the Technical Review Committee.