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PG&E Whole House
Rebate Program

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 Executive Leadership

 Photo of Cath

 Photo of Bruce

 Photo of Dave

Catherine A. Merschel
Chief Executive Officer
510.590.3360 x104 

Bruce Mast
Deputy Executive Director
510.590.3360 x111

David Clerici
Chief FInancial Officer
510.590.3360 x129


 Photo of Perry

 Photo of Jonathan

 Photo of Alyssa

 Photo of Russell

Perry Arnsfield
Contract & Program Analyst
510.590.3360 x107  


Jonathan Austin
Multifamily Sales & Outreach
Project Manager
510.590.3360 x194 

 Alyssa Baker-Blanc
Sr. Project Associate
510.590.3360 x183 


 Russell Bayba
QA Specialist
510. 590.3360 x106


Photo of Christopher Becker

Photo of Melina Corona 

 Amy Beley
Sr. Project Manager
510.590.3360 x133 

  Christopher Becker
Sr. Project Manager
510.590.3360. x114 

 Melina Corona
Project Manager
510.590.3360 x134 

Sr. Project Manager
510.590.3360 x127

Photo of Diana Dakik

Photo of Amy Dryden

 Diana Dakik
Project Associate 
213.688.0070 x302

 Tracie Delos Santos
Administrative Associate
510.590.3360 x109 

 Amy Dryden
Sr. Project Manager

 Jordan Dunn
Software Analyst
510.590.3360 x110 


 Photo of Joe

 Photo of Torsten Glidden

  Luis Espinoza
Lead Web &
Graphic Designer
510.590.3360 x102

 Sean Feurtado
QA Project Manager
510.590.3360 x135

 Joe Giarrusso
Project Manager
510.590.3360 x188

 Torsten Glidden
Sr. Program Manager
510.590.3360 x125

Photo of Rebecca

Photo of Hannah

Photo of Jeremy

 Photo of Karis Ingram

 Rebecca Goodman
Project Associate
510.590.3360 x137 

 Hannah Herguth
Project Manager
510.590.3360 x105 

 Jeremy Hyde
Project Manager
213.688.0070 x306

 Karis Ingram
Sr. Project Associate
510.590.3360 x140

Photo of Katrina

Photo of Don

Photo of Don

 Photo of Janine

Katrina Inouye
QA Project Manager
510.590.3360 x142 

 Don Knapp
Senior Marketing Manager
510.590.3360  x110 

 Kurt Kniel
Sr. Project Associate
510.590.3360  x195 

Janine Kubert
Director of Marketing & 
Product Development
510.590.3360 x120 

Photo of Alicia

 Photo of Javier

Photo of David 

Photo of Camela

  Alicia Livitt
Field QA Associate
510.590.3360 x136 


Javier Montalbo
FQC Project Associate

David Myers
Regional Manager
213.688.0070 x301 

 Camela Nitollama
Administrative Manager
510.590.3360 x126 

Photo of Lanetha Oliver

Photo of Robert Olufs

Photo of Kimara Smith

Photo of Matthew Souther

Lanetha Oliver
Sr. HR Manager
510.590.3360 x113 

 Robert Olufs
Multifamily Project Manager
213.688.0070 x305 

 Kimara Smith
Staff Accountant &
HR Specialist
510.590.3360 x115 

Matthew Souther
System & Operations Analyst
510.590.3360 x130

Photo of Angela

Photo of Jonathan Sun 

 Photo of Danny Teng

Photo of Linda Tim

Angela Stokes
Finance Project Associate
510.590.3360 x131

Jonathan Sun
Project Assistant
213.688.0070 x307

 Danny Teng
Sr. Information Systems Manager
510.590.3360 x141    

Linda Tim
Project Associate
510.590.3360 x117

Photo of Marcia Tolentino 

Photo of Diane Vessels 

Photo of Atousa 

 Marcia Tolentino
Real Estate Outreach
Project Manager
213.688.0070 x303 
Diane Vessels 
QA Project Manager

 Atousa Zolfaghari
Project Associate
510.590.3360 x103