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Landscape & Water Use Guidelines

Bay-Friendly Landscaping

Bay-Friendly Landscaping is a whole systems approach to the design, construction and maintenance of the landscape in order to support the integrity of one of California's most magnificent ecosystems, the San Francisco Bay watershed. This 62 page guide is written for the professional landscape industry to provide an integrated approach to environmentally friendly landscaping. The guidelines can also be applied to Bay-Friendly Landscape Certification.

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California Friendly Homes

In the California Friendly Home, smart and sustainable landscaping is the most visible feature, with outdoor spaces designed in harmony with the surrounding environment using beautiful and less-than-thirsty plants, state-of-the-art irrigation controllers and precision sprinkler heads. The water-wise ethic extends inside the home as well, using the latest water-saving technology in the bathroom and laundry room. A series of financial incentives are available to builders and developers to help showcase the value and beauty of low-water use homes in Southern California.

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