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Advanced Training

Understanding the Whole House Approach

(was "Green Home Retrofitting & Remodeling")
In today’s economy 95% of the construction market is existing homes. 70% of the existing housing stock in California was built prior to the development of the Title-24 Energy Code, and provide a great opportunity for energy upgrades as well as improving resource conservation and indoor air quality.

This two-day, how-to course is designed to provide construction professionals with a practical, comprehensive, step-by-step process to effectively upgrade and remodel existing homes in all aspects of a green home.

Participants will be guided through the deeper details of a comprehensive green home analysis and then the decision making pathways to upgrading/remodeling homes to include green building practices to address energy and water conservation, indoor air quality, moisture management, water heating, energy performance testing, HVAC, lighting, insulation and weatherization, mechanical ventilation, siding, roofing, finishes, landscape, and homeowner operations.

The Advanced training course has been delivered in California with the previous title “Green Retrofitting & Remodeling” or “Designing & Building Energy Efficient Green Homes”.  They are the same exact course.  This course expands on the basic Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP) training course.

CGBP or equivalent green building certification or working knowledge is recommended, but not required, for this course. The class provides 16 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) towards Recertification.