Aug 3, 2010 12:00 PM  PDT

From the Executive Director's Desk: Welcoming our new Board President

I am very pleased to announce that Michael McCutcheon, owner of McCutcheon Construction, Inc., is now presiding over Build It Green’s Board of Directors.  

As a local builder and long-time supporter and participant in the Bay Area’s green building movement, Michael has aided Build It Green’s development since the very beginning.  Michael served on the steering committee that would eventually form Bay Area Build It Green, a non-profit organization providing trainings and networking opportunities for builders interested in more sustainable building habits.  It was during this time that Michael and some colleagues formed the first Green Remodelers Guild (now called the Green Building Professionals Guild), which still meets monthly at Truitt & White in Berkeley.  The Guilds were (and still are) a networking and continuing educational opportunity for recent graduates of Bay Area Build It Green’s Certified Green Building Professionals Training.

When Bay Area Build It Green merged with the Green Resource Center to form Build It Green in 2004, Michael was one of the founding board members.  He has remained an active member of the Board of Directors and the East Bay Guild’s steering committee, and frequently presents at Guild meetings and Professional Trainings.  McCutcheon Construction has also had several projects on Build It Green’s Home Tours.

For Michael, green building is a natural outgrowth of his personal and professional convictions.  As a student of biology, Michael cultivated an interest and awareness of the earth as a complex living system, of which humans are only one small part.  “Green building tends to resonate with people who think holistically and are looking to fulfill a higher purpose in life,” he says.  “We are only on this planet briefly and we should really try to leave it in better shape than we found it.  Or at least not wreck it.”  Indeed.

Michael takes the reigns from long-time Board President Donald Simon of Wendel Rosen Black & Dean.  Donald, also a founding board member, remains with the board.  Look for a tribute to the tremendous contribution Donald has made to Build It Green’s success in our next edition of the Green Post.

I hope you will all join me in this warm welcome to the leadership of Michael McCutcheon.
Catherine A. Merschel
Executive Director
Build It Green

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