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General Products & Practices

Building Green publishes Environmental Building News, a monthly newsletter on environmentally responsible design and construction, and the GreenSpec® Directory, which lists product descriptions for over 2,100 environmentally preferable products. Browse product descriptions, news, articles, and project case studies covering a range of green building topics on this website.
Green Building Link Icon  California Building Climate Zone Map
Depicts the 16 climate zones within California.
Green Building Link Icon  Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Explore your options for saving energy and using renewable energy at home, at work, in your community, and while driving.
Green Building Link Icon  Green Building Basics
Green buildings are designed to meet certain objectives such as protecting occupant health; improving employee productivity; using energy, water, and other resources more efficiently; and reducing the overall impact to the environment. This site gives a good overview of these issues.
Green Building Link Icon  Green Building Materials Characteristics
A discussion of the attributes and criteria involved in determining if a product is green.
Green Building Link Icon  Tool Base
A comprehensive technical resource with information on building systems, construction methods, best practices, home building topics, and design and construction guides.
Green Building PDF Icon  Gaining Fair Market Value for Green Homes (pdf)

A presentation on market value and trends for green homes.

Green Building PDF Icon  GreenPoint Rated, Calgreen and You (pdf)

An overview of the GreenPoint Rated and Calgreen programs.

Green Building PDF Icon  Managing a Small Business During Challenging Times (pdf)

5 keys to marketing a small business today.

Green Building PDF Icon  Building Your Green Busines with Green Point Rated (pdf)

Information on how to leverage the Green Point Rated Program to market to and connect with homeowners.

A look at legislative updates, trends, and potential opportunities.

Green Building PDF Icon  Designing a Low Energy House: Lessons Learned (pdf)

A walkthrough of designing a low energy house, reviewing issues faced and the lessons learned.

Green Building PDF Icon  Philosophy of Sustainability (pdf)

A look at the essence of sustainability, the human impact, and natural steps for a sustainable future.

Defining greenwashing and associated misleading practices vs eco standards provided by legitimate organizations.