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Water Conservation

Protection and conservation of water supplies

Water is another critical resource. California residences use 5.6 million acre-feet of applied water annually. Our prosperity and ability to meet the needs of our growing population hinge on having adequate supplies of clean, fresh water. Homes built and landscaped to use water wisely make a tremendous contribution to protecting our shared resources. An added benefit is lower expenses for the homeowner. Today's builders can take advantage of a new generation of cost-effective, high efficiency appliances and landscape water management systems.


  • Ultra-low flush or dual-flush toilets, fixtures with below standard flow rates (showers<2.5gpm, faucets<2.2gpm)
  • Grey water system, rainwater harvesting system, low-water landscaping, native landscaping, high efficiency irrigation system, smart irrigation control, no irrigation
  • Living "green" roof, stormwater management (e.g. bio-swales, permeable paving)