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Case Study Compilations

Homes Across America has extensive case studies for green homes across the country as well as state contacts for green building technical information. The site welcomes new listing submittals for information centers, demonstration homes, and existing homes. It is searchable by state or by green feature.

Green Building Link Icon  PATH Technology Projects

Path has compiled case studies of projects demonstrating many of their innovative technologies. Case studies are searchable by state, builder, or technology.

Green Building Link Icon  RecycleWorks

Recycle Works maintains a website featuring case studies and virtual tours of green projects in San Mateo County.

Green Building Link Icon  U.S. DOE U.S. DOE High Performance Buildings Database

The High Performance Buildings Database is research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy that seeks to improve building performance measuring methods by collecting data on various factors that affect a building's performance, such as energy, materials, and land use. The database collects information from buildings around the world, ranging from homes and commercial interiors to large buildings and even whole campuses and neighborhoods. These may be certified green projects, or simply projects that have one or more notable environmental features.

Green Building Link Icon  Urban Ecology

Urban Ecology has a Bay Area infill developers portfolio of exemplary projects based on their infill development standards, a sustainable development toolkit, City profiles, and their quarterly Urban Ecology magazine.

Green Building Link Icon  US Green Building Council - LEED Certified Project List
USGBC page highlighting LEED certified projects from each of their programs including LEED for Homes.