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Green Building PDF Icon Air Filters (Build It Green fact sheet, .pdf)

An air filter is an important part of a heating and cooling system. A clean filter intercepts particles such as dust and fibers that build up on the blower fan and the heating and cooling coils. Such particle buildup reduces performance, restricts airflow through the system, and shortens operating life. Secondarily, high-quality filters can improve a home's indoor air quality.

This fact sheet discusses: green benefits, how to choose a filter, filter types, installation, maintenance, and cites further resources.
Green Building PDF Icon Combination Water and Space Heating Systems (Build It Green fact sheet, .pdf)
Combination water and space heating systems use a high efficiency water heater or central boiler to supply heating energy to the space heating system while still meeting the needs for domestic hot water. The space-heating component can be accomplished with either a forced air system or a radiant heat system. A forced air system can either use hot water piped to individual fan coil units in each unit or the hot water can be sent to a central heat exchanger and fan coil unit that then sends hot air to the individual units. Read on to learn more.
Green Building PDF Icon HVAC (Build It Green fact sheet, .pdf)
Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems should provide comfort as efficiently as possible. Equipment sizing, system design and installation will all determine the overall efficiency and performance of an HVAC system, and how well the system is maintained will determine how quickly that efficiency degrades.

Green Building PDF Icon Mechanical Ventilation Overview (pdf)
A guide to help navigate and understand the often complex and confusing topic of residential mechanical ventilation.
Green Building Link Icon  A Consumers Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (Furnaces and Boilers)
This article addresses furnace efficiency ratings, retrofitting your furnace or boiler, replacing your furnace or boiler, and maintenance.
Green Building Link Icon  Air Conditioning Contractors of America
Directory of air conditioning contractors.
Green Building Link Icon  American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (Consumer Resources)
ACEEE promotes the development and widespread adoption of energy efficiency improvements in buildings, appliances, and other equipment used in buildings.
Green Building Link Icon  Building Green (Radiant-Floor Heating)
Considerations for when radiant floors do and do not make sense.
Green Building Link Icon  Consumer Energy Center (Geothermal Heat Pumps)
This fact sheet discusses geothermal heat pumps including comparisons, cost, durability concerns, and product descriptions.
Green Building Link Icon  ENERGY STAR (Furnaces)
Considerations for choosing an efficient furnace.
Green Building Link Icon  Procedures for HVAC System Design and Installation
This page lays out the key criteria that describe a quality HVAC system, and key design and installation considerations that should be met to achieve this goal.
Green Building Link Icon  Radiant Floor Heating and Cooling systems
This fact sheet discusses the different types and advantages, cost, cooling, and controls for radiant systems.
Green Building Link Icon  Taco Hydronic HVAC Systems
Manufacturer of Hydronic HVAC systems.
Green Building Link Icon  Tool Base (Air Distribution System Installation and Sealing)
This website provides installation guidance for properly installing air distribution or duct systems in order to maximize efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality.
Green Building Link Icon  Tool Base (Ducts in Conditioned Space Techspecs)
An overview of installing ducts in conditioned space, including basic information about the costs, benefits and drawbacks, and real-world feedback from field evaluations.
Green Building Link Icon  Tool Base (Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation Strategies)

An in-depth discussion of several types of mechanical ventilation systems and controls.