About Build It Green

Who We Are
Build It Green (BIG) is a nonprofit organization comprised of thought leaders and building industry veterans who share a vision for better buildings and a diligence for getting results. Our pioneering work is transforming how homes are built and renovated in California and beyond.

What We Do
We serve as an ally and partner to thousands of building and home professionals—builders, contractors, architects, raters, and realtors. We offer training, support, and programs to help them build and retrofit greener homes and grow their businesses in the process.

How We Do It
We build relationships that drive innovation and impact. In collaboration with our professional network and with industry partners and public agencies, we set technical standards and design and deliver market-friendly solutions, from energy efficiency incentives to green home certification.
Why Our Work Matters
Climate change threatens our safety and prosperity. We must change the way we design, build, and upgrade our homes to decrease carbon emissions dramatically. In doing so, we'll also create economic opportunity. BIG is committed to helping building professionals make money doing the right thing.

What We Can Achieve
Every house can become a high-performing home that:
  • Produces as much energy as it consumes
  • Conserves and recycles precious water
  • Maintains indoor air quality to enhance our health and
  • Minimizes waste and utilizes sustainable materials
Our Approach
Programs and strategies to transform the green building industry are constantly changing, but the way BIG approaches its work does not. Our core values guide our work as a mission-driven nonprofit and a trusted industry leader.

Our Values

We do the right thing for people and the planet. As a trusted partner, we communicate with honesty and transparency.

We bring people and organizations together to build relationships that drive innovation and impact.

We readily tackle big challenges, applying technical expertise and pragmatic solutions.

We make a measurable difference, delivering results for our clients, our professional network—and our environment.