California Green Home Inventory Map

Browse the map to view the number of high-performance homes in your area

Build It Green (BIG) created the California Green Home Inventory Map to reveal the volume of green-certified and solar homes in local real estate markets across the state. The map is a first step to make these high-performance homes (HPHs) more visible to real estate professionals, so that their green and high-performance features can be captured on the MLS and reflected in a home’s sales price.

How to Use the Map

Zoom in to your area to view the overall volume of HPHs. The color-coded regions are divided by ZIP code. The darker the shade of green, the greater the volume of HPHs. You can click on a ZIP code to reveal the total number of homes, with a breakdown of the # of homes with a GreenPoint Rated certification, LEED certification, solar thermal systems, or rooftop solar photovoltaics. If your area has a large number of HPHs, you’ll be more likely to encounter one in a real estate transaction; be vigilant to research and document these green and high-performance features!


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A Key Problem in Residential Real Estate

As a real estate professional, you are likely helping to buy and sell high performance homes (HPHs). There is mounting evidence from multiple studies across the county that HPHs have shorter listing times and are worth more at time of sale, with price premiums ranging from 2-8% more. But these homes are often not marketed and listed in a multiple listing services (MLS) as such, missing the opportunity to capture that premium. That means lost revenue for real estate agents and home sellers. If this price premium were reflected at time of sale for thousands of HPHs across California, it would represent hundreds of millions of dollars in additional value, greatly benefitting homeowners and real estate professionals alike.

About the Map

The map depicts the number of homes that have solar PV, or have been certified through a green home labeling program, including GreenPoint Rated and LEED. These green-certified homes are typically far more energy- and water-efficient than typical homes, have healthier indoor air quality, and utilize sustainable or recycled materials. For privacy reasons, the map does not display individual homes, but aggregates data from California Distributed Generation Statistics, the U.S. Green Building Council (which administers LEED), and Build It Green (which administers GreenPoint Rated). The map was developed with support from Pacific Gas & Electric Company, and funded by California utility ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utility Commission.

Next Steps in the Real Estate Market

The Green Home Inventory Map is the first step to make HPHs visible to real estate professionals and to generate awareness that these homes exist but are not consistently documented on the MLS and in the sale price of real estate transactions. BIG seeks to create a system in which data on green and high-performance homes is automatically populated on the MLS, so that the true value of these homes can be reflected.

Make sure to bookmark this page, as we will continue to update the inventory of HPHs, ensuring that it remains a useful tool in your arsenal. Any questions on how you and your clients can benefit from HPHs can be directed to