GreenPoint Rated Version 8.0 Updates


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GreenPoint Rated Version 8.0 is in progress and will be released in September 2019.


Now is the time to help shape the future of residential low carbon green building in California. Build It Green has commenced the update process for the 2019 revisions to GreenPoint Rated. As California continues to set its eyes on net zero energy and low carbon homes, GreenPoint Rated provides a pathway for the market to achieve these goals.

The summary of proposed changes for the new home rating systems is presented here.

Please review the updated single family and multi-family checklists, presented here and here respectively.

This process includes several stakeholder comment periods. The 30-day comment period for proposed changes to update GreenPoint Rated for 2019 code for all the new home rating systems is now open for public comment.

The review period will be open July 15- August 15, 2019. 


What you can expect from this process?

Build It Green will go through several stakeholder engagement efforts during this update process. BIG initiated this process in early 2019 completing technical review of standards and limited stakeholder engagement. Over the next 4 months, there will be several rounds of comments and engagement efforts.

    • May: initiate 30-day comment period on proposed changes and conference calls with stakeholders and subject matter experts

    • June: Complete 30-day comment period. Post Draft version of the New Home Checklists and manuals for second 30-day public comment period

    • July: Initiate second 30-day comment period on draft standards

    • September/October: Post final checklists and manuals

For information on update cycle, see the timeline below.

jan: technical review; may: first public comment; jun: first draft posted; aug: second public comment period; sep: final version; oct: rater training and public documents posted; dec: prepare for 2019 code