Peer-to-Peer Meeting | Fountain Valley | August
Friday, August 18, 2017 at 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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Expand Your Knowledge -- And Your Client Base
You’ll learn how to increase your knowledge to act as a trusted advisor to your clients on green real estate. That means helping them find a fixer-upper and transforming it into a more comfortable home with lower utility and maintenance costs, or making the right upgrades before a sale to boost its value. Learn how to help them navigate the cash rebates, incentives, green certifications, and green financing necessary to achieve their goals. Then learn how to market green and grow your business to attract new customers.
Demand for Green Homes Is Growing
Green real estate is not a fad, but a fundamental change in the market. Nearly 40% of home buyers consider high-efficiency heating and cooling features to be “very important,” and two-thirds of state governments have currently implemented green building policies. Furthermore, a 2012 study found that green certified homes – with labels such as Energy Star or GreenPoint Rated – sold for up to 9% more than homes without a green label.

P2P topics may include:

  • What is Home Upgrade & Who are the Players? In this session we cover topics regarding utility rebate programs and requirements, home inspections/analysis, contractors, HERS Raters, and Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analysts. 
  • Heat Transfer & Thermal Boundaries. In this session we cover topics regarding how energy moves through materials and how we control the flow of energy by understanding how insulation works.
  • Airflow, Ventilation, & Indoor Air Quality. In this session we cover topics regarding the importance of indoor air quality and how to control unwanted, uncontrolled, low quality air in the home.
  • Moisture – Problems & Controls, Health & Comfort. In this session we cover topics regarding moisture problems and solutions. This includes moisture sources and controls and a high level overview of how HVAC systems work.
  • Financing, Green Conversation Principles. This session will break down roleplaying scenarios into basic principles of conversations so REALTORS® can replicate efforts with any client with specific interests.
  • Building the Team, Networking & Tying it all Together. This session will introduce the participants to home performance contractors, raters, and BPI Building Analysts.
  • Selling an Energy Efficient Home: This new session in 2017 will introduce listing agents to the opportunities of marketing a home as energy efficient. The session will include information on green fields available to them on the MLS and other tactics to help their clients capture a price premium.
People have different motivations for going green: some want to reduce their impact on the environment, others want to save money, reduce waste, or create a healthier home for their children. Our trainings will provide you with the education to support your clients’ green endeavors no matter their objective.

Lunch will be provided.

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