Reorganization FAQs

What did Build It Green (BIG) sell?

Build It Green (BIG) sold its utility program implementation, government consulting, and training businesses to Franklin Energy.

Why did BIG sell?

The sale allows BIG to refocus on our core mission of promoting healthy, sustainable homes through our GreenPoint Rated system and related services and professional training programs. It also provides our nonprofit organization with capital to develop new market transformation initiatives.

What will happen to BIG employees?

Everyone, except for three employees, will become Franklin Energy employees. They are currently in the process of updating their contact information to reflect this change. Who is staying with BIG and what are their roles? Christopher Becker will be serving as the interim Executive Director. Kurt Kniel will be the GreenPint Rated Operations Manager. Chloe Chapman will be Build It Green's Business Development Manager. 

Will BIG continue to use people who moved over to Franklin but provided critical support to BIG?

Yes. BIG has an agreement with Franklin Energy to request additional staff and operational resources through Franklin Energy.

Will you be using the same contractors/subcontractors?

We are currently evaluating with Franklin Energy which services we can use through them and which we will need to subcontract ourselves. This will get addressed over the next couple of months.

What services will BIG (the non-profit) still provide?

BIG will continue to manage the GreenPoint Rated program as well as the Certified Green Building Professional training and certification.

Does BIG have plans to offer other products or services beyond GreenPoint Rated?

Build It Green’s Board is developing plans to take on a more transformative role in helping the housing sector respond to the climate emergency. Over the next few months, we will be connecting with the Build It Green community to share more about our plans and hear your ideas on how we can work together to rise to the challenges our industry faces.

Will the office move?

No. We will remain in the current location for the foreseeable future. What happens with BIG’s WBE certification? BIG’s WBE certification will remain with BIG the non-profit.